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NOOTROPIL is shown for clients experiencing myoclonus of cortical beginning, regardless of aetiology, as well as must be made use of in mix with various other anti-myoclonic treatments.



The dosage program reveals crucial interindividual irregularity, calling for an individualised dose searching for strategy. A reasonable protocol would be to present piracetam at a dose of 7.2 g/day, enhancing by 4.8 g/day every 3 to 4 days approximately an optimum of 20g/day, given up either 2 or 3 split doses while keeping various other antimyoclonic medications unmodified at their optimum dose. Ideally, depending upon medical advantage, an effort needs to be made to subsequently reduce the dosage of other antimyoclonic drugs.


Take the medicine as prescribed by your physician.


Keep this medication at room temperature level in a tightly-closed container, far from heat and light.


Active ingredient: Piracetam

NOOTROPIL (Piracetam) is contra-indicated in individuals with serious renal disability (kidney creatinine clearance of less than 20 ml per minute), hepatic problems and also to those under 16 years of age. It is also contraindicated in individuals with analytical haemorrhage, Huntington's Chorea and in those with hypersensitivity to piracetam, various other pyrrolidone by-products or any one of the excipients.

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Cytropil needs to not be prescribed while pregnant or when breastfeeding.

The adverse effects reported in connection with Cytropil include anxiety, agitation, irritation, anxiety and also sleep disruptions. The incidence of these during medical trials was 5% or much less and they were more often kept in mind in the older individuals taking greater than 2.4 g daily. Most of cases a dose reduction was enough making these symptoms disappeared. Some patients may complain of exhaustion or drowsiness. Gastro-intestinal troubles such as queasiness, throwing up, diarrhoea and belly have likewise been reported, but their Occurrence during professional trials was 2% or much less. Other symptoms, such as vertigo, headaches, trembling and sexual stimulation have actually sometimes been reported.

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