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Marivarin is utilized for dealing with and protecting against hazardous embolisms that could occur in the veins (venous thrombosis), in the lungs (lung embolism), with a type of irregular heart beat (atrial fibrillation), or following a heart valve replacement. Marivarin is likewise made use of to minimize the threat of stroke and other problems in patients who have actually had a heart attack. Marivarin is an anticoagulant. It works by blocking the synthesis of certain clotting factors. Without these clotting aspects, embolism are incapable to develop.


Use Marivarin as guided by your physician.

  • Do not absorb larger or smaller amounts or for longer compared to suggested. Comply with the instructions on your prescription label.
  • Never ever take a dual dosage of this medication or take it together with various other items which contain warfarin or coumarin.
  • Your doctor might sometimes transform your dosage to earn sure you obtain the very best outcomes.
  • Take Marivarin at the very same time daily. Marivarin could be taken with or without food.
  • Stay clear of diet programs to reduce weight while taking Marivarin. Inform your medical professional if your body weight changes for any factor.
  • While taking Marivarin, your blood will certainly should be examined typically. See your doctor consistently.
  • You may have to quit taking the medication for a short time if you require anti-biotics, surgical procedure, oral work, a spinal faucet, or spine anesthesia (epidural).
  • Remain to take Marivarin even if you really feel well. Do not miss out on any kind of doses, unless routed to do so by your doctor.
  • If you miss a dose of Marivarin, contact your medical professional right now.

Ask your healthcare supplier any questions you may have concerning the best ways to use Marivarin.


Keep Marivarin at space temperature level away from warm, dampness, and also light. Do not store in the bathroom. Maintain Marivarin out of the reach of youngsters and also far from animals.


Active Component: Warfarin sodium.

Do NOT use Marivarin if:

  • you are allergic to any ingredient in Marivarin
  • you have hemorrhaging tendencies, hemorrhaging troubles (eg, hemophilia), severe or uncontrolled high blood pressure, particular blood issues (eg, reduced white blood cell or platelet levels), or leukemia
  • you have active serious blood loss, hemorrhaging in the brain, certain capillary issues (eg, aneurysm, studying aorta), or swelling or infection of the heart
  • you have energetic ulcer or blood loss of the belly or bowel, urinary system system, genitals, or respiratory tract
  • you have actually just recently had or will be having eye, mind, or spine surgical treatment; spine puncture; back anesthetic; or any type of type of significant surgical procedure
  • you are pregnant or could become pregnant
  • you are not able to have regular blood clot tests
  • you are not able to follow your medical professional's guidelines effectively and also do not have a person to help you take your medicine
  • you are taking mifepristone, streptokinase, or urokinase.

Get in touch with your doctor or health care company right now if any of these put on you.

Some medical conditions could communicate with Marivarin. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have any clinical problems, particularly if any of the adhering to apply to you:

  • if you are planning to end up being expecting or are breast-feeding
  • if you are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, organic preparation, or nutritional supplement
  • if you have hatreds medicines or other substances
  • if you have recently been wounded, fallen, delivered, or had surgical treatment
  • if you have a background of tummy or digestive tract issues (eg, hemorrhaging, abscess, inflammation), heart issues (eg, heart failure, infection), embolism, anemia or various other blood troubles (eg, protein C shortage, high red cell degrees), capillary issues, or hypertension
  • if you have a background of liver, kidney, or thyroid troubles; yellowing of the skin or eyes; mental or mood troubles; high cholesterol; arthritis; diabetic issues; or cancer
  • if you have bad nutrition, gastric disease, nutrient or fat absorption troubles, or low degrees of vitamin K or vitamin C in the blood, or if you consume alcohol
  • if you have a high temperature, very poor health, looseness of the bowels, fluid build-up, excessive fat in the stools (steatorrhea), a current or existing infection, or tuberculosis, or if you will be exposed to high temperatures for a prolonged time period
  • if you have a heart valve replacement, an intrauterine tool (IUD), or a catheter.

Some medicines might engage with Marivarin. Tell your health care supplier if you are taking any other medications, specifically any of the following:

  • Heparin or other anticoagulants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) (eg, advil), salicylates (eg, aspirin), streptokinase, or urokinase due to the fact that the risk of blood loss could be enhanced
  • Mifepristone due to the fact that too much bleeding could happen
  • Many prescription and also nonprescription medications (eg, utilized for infections, swelling, pains and also pains, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, seizures, mental or mood problems, diabetes, stomach or digestive tract problems, uneven heartbeat, contraception, hormone substitute, cancer, and also others), multivitamin items, and also organic or nutritional supplements (eg, natural teas, coenzyme Q10, garlic, ginseng, ginkgo, St. John's wort) might engage with Marivarin, enhancing the threat of serious side effects such as hemorrhaging or blood clots.

This might not be a full list of all communications that could take place. Ask your health care company if Marivarin might engage with various other medicines that you take. Talk to your healthcare supplier prior to you begin, quit, or change the dose of any medication.

Essential security information:

  • Inform your doctor or dental expert that you take Marivarin prior to you obtain any clinical or dental care, emergency treatment, or surgery.
  • Do NOT take greater than the advised dose or usage for longer than recommended without talking to your medical professional. Get in touch with your physician right away if you may have taken too much of Marivarin.
  • Do not consume alcohol while you are taking Marivarin; it could boost the threat of Marivarin's adverse effects.
  • Do not alter you activity degree or weight without getting in touch with your medical professional; the threat of Marivarin's adverse effects might be enhanced.
  • Do not change your consuming behaviors without checking with your medical professional. Eat a normal, balanced diet regimen. Foods that have high degrees of vitamin K (eg, eco-friendly leafy vegetables, broccoli, liver, certain veggie oils) may alter the result of Marivarin. Ask your doctor for a list of foods that might affect Marivarin. Inform your doctor if any kind of foods on the checklist belong of your diet regimen.
  • Do not eat cranberry items or drink cranberry juice while you are taking Marivarin. Inform your medical professional if these items are currently part of your diet.
  • Elevated body temperature might increase the impact of Marivarin. Be careful to avoid coming to be overheated, especially during heat.
  • Marivarin decreases blood clot. Use care while doing tasks such as cleaning your teeth, flossing, or shaving. Avoid tasks that may create wounding or injury. Seek immediate medical attention if you drop or injure on your own. Inform your physician if you have uncommon wounding or bleeding. Inform your medical professional if you have dark, tarry, or bloody stools.
  • Do not take aspirin while you take Marivarin unless your doctor informs you to. If you already take pain killers for a heart or various other problem, talk with your physician about whether or not you should continuously take it with Marivarin.
  • Tell your doctor if you will certainly be traveling or if you will certainly be confined to a bed or chair for a long period of time (eg, auto or aircraft trip). This might raise your risk of establishing a blood clot.
  • If therapy with Marivarin is quit, the blood thinning impacts could last for 2 to 5 days after you quit taking it. Review any kind of questions or concerns with your physician. Do not instantly stop taking Marivarin without getting in touch with your doctor.
  • Lab examinations, including specific blood clotting examinations (eg, PT, INR), might be performed while you make use of Marivarin. These examinations may be utilized to monitor your condition or look for side effects. Make certain to maintain all medical professional as well as laboratory visits.
  • Usage Marivarin with caution in Asian clients; they may be extra sensitive to its effects, especially hemorrhaging.
  • Use Marivarin with care in the senior; they might be extra sensitive to its impacts, specifically bleeding.
  • Marivarin should be used with extreme care in kids; security and also effectiveness in youngsters have actually not been verified. Kids may require extra frequent lab examinations if they utilize Marivarin.
  • If you could conceive, you must use a reliable type of contraception while you take Marivarin. If you have concerns regarding effective contraception, talk with your physician.
  • Maternity as well as breast-feeding: Do not utilize Marivarin if you are expecting. It has actually been shown to create injury to the fetus. Prevent conceiving while you are taking it. If you assume you may be pregnant, contact your medical professional today. It is unknowned if Marivarin is found in breast milk. If you are or will be breast-feeding while you utilize Marivarin, contact your medical professional. Review any feasible threats to your baby.

All medicines may cause side effects, but many individuals have no, or small, side effects.

No typical side effects have actually been reported with Marivarin.

Seek medical attention right now if any of these extreme negative effects take place:

Serious allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; trouble breathing; tightness in the upper body; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); back, side, muscular tissue, joint, or tummy pain; black, tarry, or bloody feces; blood in the pee (pink or brownish urine); bloody or coffee ground-like vomit; chest pain; reduced urination; wooziness; passing out; high temperature; feeling numb or tingling; discomfort, uncommon shade, or temperature modification in any location of the body; light skin; purple, dark, or excruciating toes; lack of breath; skin sores or abscess; stroke symptoms (eg, complication, slurred speech, vision troubles, one-sided weak point); sudden severe pain in your legs, feet, or toes; difficulty swallowing; unexplained swelling; unusual bruising or bleeding (eg, nosebleed, unusual bleeding from gums, raised blood loss from cuts, boosted menstrual or genital blood loss, divulging blood, bleeding at the shot website); uncommon migraine or weakness; uncommon pain, swelling, or pain; injuries or sores that do not heal correctly; yellowing of the skin or eyes.

This is not a total listing of all adverse effects that could happen. If you have questions about adverse effects, call your healthcare company.

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